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Saturday, 12 March 2011


I was just hearing some marriage news. It’s not so long since marriages became something more than those yummy luncheons delivered to me. India is a nation which is always proud of its high family values. Due to that particular reason often we say marriage happen between two families, not between two individuals. I feel awkward with that statement, because actually marriage occurs between one and other’s family and other and one’s family. During these commitments to one’s and other’s families if one gets enough time for the other, there arises high probability of finding a life somewhere in between one and other.

Let’s take the life of a boy, let us call him Mr. Groom, who was in into the bone romance with a popular girl in the campus, who was good enough to control his quest to do the sin with her (usually misquoted as sex by western cultures) procured a good job after successfully completing the course. Soon after he joined the job, she called him since she is getting proposals. Her network of relatives has been showering marriage proposals on her. As her marriage is being delayed her father is getting quite vulnerable to heart diseases and family wants her to marry before her brother, who finally found the love of his life in one of his officemates.

Actually the green signal is delayed to the brother just because her marriage is delayed. The pressure is on her brother from the so called love of his life who simply reciprocates the pressure on her brother from his own so called love of life. Mr. Groom was upset, he managed to cancel some proposals which was on her way. Finally she had to engage herself to a pot bellied guy with golden teeth (courtesy – Mr. Groom), due to continued heart attacks of father and increased tendency shown by her mother to lift her body using a rope tied to ceiling. Hence Mr. Groom was happily broke up with the girl of his age who happily married someone who was junior to her mother, so girlfriend had to do a ‘happily breaking up’ with him.

He watched all seven film adaptations Of Sarath Chandra Chatterji’s famous book ‘Devadas’. After not feeling him sad enough to live a sad life, he even watched Anurag Kashyap’s ‘DEV D’. Simply echoing all sexist remarks made by legends about the way the female mind is mysterious,(surely being not aware about the fact that nowadays women take those as credit to themselves) he spent his time.

The days changed fast, but slowly to Mr. Groom till his family found that his mother is no longer healthy to do all the household works (or in incorporated terms ‘manage the household activities’) and family financial status is not satisfying, so the family passed the verdict on him to suffer more from women against which species he has been doing his silent war by emptying liquor bottles and performing the trick of filling ash trays with cigarettes.

Ms Bride had some boy with her to spot his pot belly and his golden teeth, the one whom she kept in her heart and mobile phone which she kept closer to it. Then came the scenario of a father without heart and mother balancing herself in air. Her family recited her the lessons they learnt about life which even lack the logic of a Sajid Khan film, may be due to avoid racial controversies they didn’t call that what they do emotional ‘black’mailing. Finally she agreed herself to tie the knot with a guy she never met before. But it is said men are from Mars and women are from Venus and marriage occur in earth, to be precise in India.

Ms Bride’s parents quickly recovered from the chronic disorders which were having free outing on them. They to arrange some pocket money for Ms Bride to in favour of Mr. Groom’s family. Due to low value of Indian rupee were humble enough to ask a small portion of it as vehicles and jewellery. Her parents made their greatest investment on that marriage, they outsmarted our finance ministers presenting populist budget with their fund raising skills.

All Tom, Dick and Harry which can be titled as ‘dear and near’ assembled for the marriage .

to be continued ......


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