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Sunday, 7 August 2011

FEAR .... ( POEM)

I have no dreams!
I just have fears!

I fear my shadow!
For whom it spies me?

Is it light?
Aren’t they the darts that pierce my eyes?
Are sounds to break my ear drums?
Do I fear too much?

Is time eating my life?
Are they clock handles or
The forks to devour me?
Do they show how much I am done?

I fear your lips
Will they tell me “good bye”?
I fear your love and care
Can I be the one you want me to be?

Won’t your warmth burn my heart?
Don’t these winds shatter my adobe?
Does this knowledge kill my fun?
Will this thought make me weird?

I don’t want to lose
Though I don’t want to win
Is failure a fear?
Is fear my failure?

World talked about terror,
Education taught me to fear,
Society frightened me with morality,
I was humbled by fear

I can’t love, I can only fear
I can’t give you love
I can only share my fears
Will you share your fears with me?

Yet I am brave
I know the fear
I don’t fear the fear
Isn’t that what is called courage?

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